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Sweet is forgiveness

When given from the heart

From here true freedom

Does at once start


Bitterness and resentment

Only injure and harm

Un-forgiveness keeps us

From God’s comforting arm


Yet to forgive another

Is to release ponderous chains

It is to leave a prison

Where cold darkness remains


For as the heart forgives

The soul finds warming light

Sweet Son-shine embraces

As one leaves shadows of night


My sister and brother

Dear Christian, dear friend

Let our forgiveness have no limit

Let our mercy have no end


Greatly we have been forgiven

By our glorious Father on high

No sin against us can match

Our sins for which Christ did die


In response to this divine love

In response to this mercy sweet

How can we not but offer to others

Forgiveness pure, full and complete?


Let us then forgive freely

All who may hurt and offend

Let us love generously all:

Neighbor, stranger and friend


For then we will know God

Ever more intimately and true

Then we shall experience love

In ways we once never knew


For the heart of our Father

Is mercy, forgiveness and love

Let us then be beautifully perfect

As is our Heavenly Father above


Yes, so sweet is forgiveness

When given from the heart

Sweet like the love of Jesus

From Whom I pray I never part


 © 2012 Caroline Gavin

How have you practiced – and experienced the freedom of – forgiveness?

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The Names of the LORD

Names of the Lord


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Lord, I commit my all to you

Each passing day and night

I long to walk upon your Way

Always in your perfect Light


For to be one with you, Lord

Is to be one with joy and peace

Indeed to walk with you, Lord

Is to each and every fear release


Your perfect love casts out fear

It brings peace and comfort divine

You bring nourishment to Life

In Your spiritual Bread and Wine


For You are the Bread of Life

You sustain the heart and soul

Your blood is the precious Wine

Cleansing us to make us whole


You are the Way, Truth and Life

No other pathways to God lead

You allow us kinship with the Father

While You fill richly our every need


Such a joy I have found in You, Lord

I cannot stop my heart from singing

I raise my arms in praise to you, God

For Love and Peace You keep bringing


Oh, that each soul would know You

That each person would Your Love feel

May each heart soften to Your Word

Ever true, ever powerful, ever real


For to know closely the Son of God

Is to know intimately the Father Above

To be one with the Word made Flesh

Is to unite with eternal Peace and Love


So many Names you have, Lord

So many roles You gloriously play

Truth, Word, Bread, Wine, Love

King, Lamb, God, Life and Way


Yet on me You have set Your sights

And upon all the children You adore

May we grow to know You deeper, Lord

May we love you each day all the more


May we spread your Message to all

The Gospel of Peace may we share

That all may rest in Your divine peace

That all may know Your loving care


May I lose myself entirely in You

For in losing ourselves we find true Life

To think that You are our Bridegroom

And Your Church your radiant Wife


To think of these truths, Lord

Truly amazes and overwhelms my mind

How humbling that You love me so

No sweeter truth I will ever find


So I commit my all to you, Lord

Each passing day and night

I will walk with You upon Your Way

Abiding always in your perfect Light


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you call on the Names of the Lord?

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Light of the LORD

Light of the Lord Jesus


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Sunlight streaming

Brilliant and warm

Dancing through trees

While shadows do form


Light and shadow

Darkness and day

Both contrast and divide

In a powerful way


For God is Light

He is radiant and pure

In His brilliant Truth

We can walk secure


In His Light may we be

In His Truth remain

In the warmth of Love

Living never in vain


Let the Son Light warm

Let it pour in your heart

Let its brilliance embrace

That from God you never part


You may walk in valleys

Of shadows of death

You will fear no evil

For Light sustains breath


As shadows are nothing

Forms without light

Shapes without substance

Dark as the night


Fear not then the shadows

Cower not in the trial

Cringe not in the darkness

Light remains all the while


For if Christ is within you

Light lives in your soul

It brings you Life eternal

It uplifts and makes whole


Celebrate then, Christian

Rejoice in the glorious Light

As the sun rises in the east

Praise God for the sight


See His Message in the beams

See His Word in the sunrays

See His Gospel in the sun

As its light speaks of His Ways


And let the Son Light warm

Let it pour in your heart

Let its brilliance embrace

That from God you never part


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How has the Light of the Lord Jesus brightened – and changed – your life?

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More Fragrant than the Flower

More Fragrant than the Flower


Sweeter than honey

More fragrant than the flower

Such is to know the Lord

To experience His love and power


Finer than jewels

More precious than gold

Such is to commune with God

To discover His treasures untold


Stronger than mountains

More powerful than the storm

Such is to embrace the Spirit

Who our minds does transform


Brighter than the sun

More brilliant than its rays

Such is to follow the Savior

All our lives, all our days


Greater than emperors

More mighty than kings

Such is our God, our Father

Who through Christ made all things


Purer than the lily

More beautiful than the rose

Such is the heart of the Lord

For Whom my love ever grows


Sweeter, stronger, greater

Finer, brighter and more pure

Such is the Savior who died for me

Whose love does eternally endure


More beautiful, more brilliant

May my heart, then, ever be

When others looks in my eyes

May it be my Lord they see



For sweeter than honey

And more fragrant than the flower

Such is to know You, Lord,

To experience Your love and power


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

What do you see, feel and hear in the Lord Jesus?

To what do you compare His love?

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Each Day

Each Day More Like You, Lord


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Each day, each passing day

May I be closer ever still

Nearer to Your Heart, Lord

And more aligned with Your Will


Each hour, each passing hour

May I find myself with You

Loving You ever deeper

And embracing Your love true


Each moment, each minute

May I find myself in prayer

Living all my life for You

And bringing You every care


Each thought, my every thought

May it be of You and Your love

May all my thoughts please You

And be fixed on Heaven Above


Each word, my every word

May it speak joyfully about You

May my words spread the Gospel

Sharing only what is pure and true


Each beat, each heart beat

May it be in rhythm with Your song

May my heart be one with Yours

For with you, Lord, I do belong


Each step, every moving step

May it be along your holy Way

May the steps of my journey lead

Closer to You, yes, this I pray


Each prayer, every prayer

May it be ever more sweet

May it please Your precious ears

As my heart and Yours do meet


Each smile, my every smile

May it reflect Your love and joy

May my smiles uplift those around

Each man, woman, girl and boy


Yes, each day, each passing day

May I be closer ever still

Nearer to Your Heart, Lord

And more aligned with Your Will


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you grow more aligned with the Lord’s Will each day?

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True Love

True Love of the Lord


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True Love, flowing freely

Pouring to one and all

Such is the Love of the LORD

And to each heart He does call


Love, deep and infinite

Such is Love He does give

So in unspeakable joy and peace

His blood-bought children live


Love spanning the skies

Love reaching the depth of the sea

Love traversing mountains

Love embracing you and me


Our Lord loved each one

While sinners still were we

He died willingly for us

That born again we could be


Greater love has no man

Than to lay down his life for friends

The blameless Lamb did this for us

And His Love for us never ends


Yet do we embrace His Love?

His infinite graces do we receive?

Do we love our Lord in return?

In His Sacrifice do we believe?


May we never scorn His heart

May we never deny His Love

May we always embrace Jesus

The precious Gift sent from Above


And may we love Him ever more

May we love Him deeper each day

May we give all of ourselves to Him

For full love and surrender I pray


For to love the Lord deeply

Is to obey each of His commands

To love the Lord most truly

Is to surrender all into His Hands


So, brother and sister, let us love

Let our hearts love deep and wide

Let us give our hearts to Jesus

Walking always by our Savior’s side


© 2012 Caroline Gavin 

How has your life changed since experiencing the True Love of the Lord?

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Victory of Surrender

Victory of Surrender


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I offer You my heart

My mind, my soul

For only You, Lord

Can make me whole


Oh, that your Spirit

Would fill me always

Oh, that my lips

Sing forever your praise


May my every moment

My every thought and move

Bring You great delight

As You gladly approve

Yes, this is my prayer

Today and tomorrow

I give you my all

And release all my sorrow


For to let go of me

And to be filled with You

Is to experience Joy

With Peace and Love True


No victory more sweet

Has one ever known

Than to surrender to Christ

And be fully His own


Paradoxical that victory

And surrender are one

Yet such is the Truth

Of living one with the Son


So a fragrant offering

May my life ever be

A sweet sacrifice

May my days be to Thee


And love You more deeply

Each passing day

Experience You more fully

Yes, all this I pray


While I was a sinner still

Lord, You poured out Your All

You accepted the Cross

To save us all from the Fall


Blood poured from You that day

For humanity and its sin

A sacrifice beyond thought

That New Life would begin


So aromatic and sweet

May my life offering be

A humble gift to my Lord

Giving Him all of me


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you experience the victory of surrender?

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