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Wondrous Fulfillment: Word Made Flesh

Wondrous Fulfillment: Word Made Flesh 

Wondrous Fulfillment: Word Made Flesh - Christmas Poem written by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

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Foretold by prophets

Of ages long ago,

The Truth of God’s Word

Christ’s Birth does show.


Isaiah and David,

Daniel and Malachi

Spoke details of the King

To come from on High.


Micah and Jeremiah

Prophesied Christ’s arrival too

In manner that only

Spirit of God could do.


Divine Inspiration

We marvel in God’s Word,

Transformative to all

Heeding what is heard.


For living and active

Is God’s eternal Word,

Sharper indeed than any

Double-edged sword.


This Word of Truth,

Precious and pure,

Never wanes or fades;

God’s Word does endure.


And the Word became Flesh

On that first Christmas Day,

Fulfilling gloriously words

The prophets did say.


Filling our hearts with joy,

Warming them with love,

For Christ left His glory

From Heaven above.


To be one with His own

And pay the sin penalty:

The Lamb and the King,

Yes, both are He.


So rejoice and sing

With awe and praise,

To Christ our King

Our hearts we raise.


For He is the Word,

Timeless and true,

The miracle of salvation

For me and for you.


The Truth of God’s Word

His Life did show,

And through Him now

Eternal Life we know.


© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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