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Treasured Tapestry

Treasured Tapestry


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Moments interweaving

Intricately and by design

The fabric of my life

Woven by the Divine


Free will I have

In each stitch I make

Yet all of these together

His Hands do take


Stitches made in error

He perfects and beautifies

Stitches disconnected

He harmonizes and unifies


In the here and now

I often cannot see

The beautiful tapestry

He has woven for me


Yet in stepping back

I see the beauty of it all

My Lord has beautified

Each stitch, big and small


For He is the Maker

The Creator of all things

From sorrow and pain

Glory and joy He brings


And create a Masterpiece

He does for me, for you

Perfecting the imperfect

With Love infinite and true


The tapestry of my life

He weaves with all others too

Tapestries of billions

As only the Omnipotent can do


So delight in this tapestry

I will each passing day

Praising continually my God

For His ever perfect Way


It is a fabric of eternity

A tapestry precious and divine

That our Lord weaves with love

In both your life and mine


And in moments interweaving

Precious and by design

We praise the Eternal One

Creator, Master and True Vine

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do celebrate the Treasured Tapestry God weaves?

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