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Gift from Above: The Spirit of Love

Holy Spirit: The Dove of Love


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The Dove of the Spirit

Descends and uplifts

Embraces and overflows

While hearts He shifts


He fills us with the flame

Of love eternal and pure

Warming hearts with Truth

 Of God’s Word to endure


He align us faithfully with

God’s perfect, holy will

We hear His sweet voice

When our minds we still


Wisdom and kindness

Charity, faith and love

Overflow in our hearts

As we embrace the Dove


Transforming the life

Renewing the mind

A new self we become

When the Spirit we find


And this Spirit of God

This flame of eternal love

We find when we accept

The Gift of Heaven above


Yes, Christ is the Gift

He is the Truth and the Way

The Spirit embraces us

As we embrace all Christ did say


And eternal treasures

Mysteries beautiful and deep

Such are the gifts

The Spirit of God does keep


Lavishly bestowing them

Upon God’s children dear

These gifts we experience

When keeping the Spirit near


So quench not the Spirit

Nor douse the flame

For Life and Love

Are one and the same


Embrace now the Spirit

And enthrone Christ always

Lift your heart to the Father

Sing to all Three praise


For we are His children

Marked with love

The deposit of eternity

In the seal of the Dove


May we share this Gift

With all those we meet

Witnessing the great love

Of salvation sweet


That all may know

The delight of the Dove

That all may know

The depth of God’s Love

© 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you embrace the Holy Spirit, the Dove of Love?

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