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Pathway of Purpose

Purposeful Pathway


This journey, this pathway

These days and these years

With both victories and trials

Both laughter and tears


Each step is precious

And each moment too

For each brings us closer

Or farther from You


So let my every step

Be upon footing secure

Let Your Word always guide

For then I am sure


My own eyes can deceive

And my feelings betray

So may I listen to Truth

And follow always the Way


For each step, each moment

Upon this pathway I go

Is so precious to me

 As I learn, as I grow


May I never misstep

As I travel, as I live

May I never squander

The moments you give


For to live fully and free

Is to live vibrantly and true

Traveling a purposeful pathway

And moving ever closer to You


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com tom

    Love it! “each step is precious” and we are precious to Him is one thing I read this morning! Thanks for your reminder to be purposeful in each step. Bless you!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Tom, thank you so much!

      I am glad the poem resonated with you! You said it beautifully: each step is precious, and we are precious to Him!

      May God continue to bless you!!


  • http://www.taberstruths.com Taber’s Truths Christian Blog

    Absolutely Beautiful. Stumbled and Tweeted and Liked. :) You have a great weekend my friend.

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Thank you so much, Duke!! I truly appreciate the support! :)

      May you enjoy a wonderful and blessed weekend too, my friend!!

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