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 Life Treasure

To discover the purpose
Unique to me
Is to discover treasure
I did not see

This purpose was here
Before my birth
God foreknew it
Before creating earth

Humbling that we
Carry a purpose each
Some to build
And some to teach

Others do write
And some do sing
Value to God’s Kingdom
We are meant to bring

When asking my Lord
What it is I should do
He said, “Use your talents
Building my Kingdom True”

Melt away at once
The distractions did
And I saw that calling
Which in my heart He hid

The how and the where
I need not know
Take a step forward
The next step He will show

Call unto the Lord
And discover purpose deep
Therein are energized days
And sweet restful sleep

Seek first His Kingdom
All your needs He provides
He comforts, He inspires
He instructs, He guides

So content I feel now
So joyful, so free
Striving to be all
God created me to be

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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  • http://www.4pointscoaching.com Joel Boggess

    This is a beautiful poem and a wonderful reminder to all of us; that God has created us for a reason and for His purpose.

    Thank you for sharing your gift.

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Thank you so very much, Joel!

      What a blessing to read your comment!

      Praise God for graciously bestowing gifts – indeed treasures! – upon us!

      Thank YOU for sharing your gifts with us!

      God’s Blessings be with you always!

  • http://www.4PointsCoaching.com Joel Boggess

    She beautifully put.  Thank you for sharing with us your gifts and passion. You are an inspiration. 

    If you wouldn’t mind, may I possibly use this wonderful work of art in the book I am currently working on?

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Joel, thank you so much!

      What a wonderful comment, and I am honored that you would like to include the piece. I am excited to read about your upcoming book!

      May God bless you, Joel, and all that you do for Him! You have been a blessing to me since day one.

  • http://twitter.com/shari_lynne Shari Lynne

    Love it..beautiful Poem:) Blessings!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Shari Lynn, thank you so very much! Such a heart-warming comment!
      God bless you abundantly and always, dear sister in Christ!!! :)