Poetic Inspirations and Practical Applications for Blissful Living

Spirit in the Spring


Blissfully the breeze
Dances through my hair
The smell of flowers
Fills the warm air

Leaves do sway
And sunshine streams
A spring day unfolds
As in radiant dreams

Such a gift from God
To see this Spring day
To experience the beauty
Of the world at play

The winter can be
Bitter and cold
Enthusiasm dwindles
Visions grow old

But then a taste
Of Spring appears
To renew our hopes
And allay our fears

Sweeter Spring is
Because winter came first
Water is sweeter
When in parched thirst

So too is salvation
When this we embrace
Sweet and triumphant
After all we did face

The contrast of Spring
With Winter before
Enhances its beauty
Yes, all the more

Spiritual birth glories
Beyond radiant Spring
Communing with God
Of this we do sing

As the breezes caress
And the sunlight warms
We celebrate God’s gifts
In all their forms

Most beautiful of all
Is the gift of His Son
The gift of true Life
For us He has won

Sing now the bird
And dance now the flower
I join God’s creation
Praising His power

So blessed am I
And you, sister and brother
Let’s praise our God
And uplift one another

Let Spring remind us
Of God’s Light and Love
Fixing our eyes on Him
And on His throne Above

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you savor the sweet season of Spring?

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