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Each drop, each drop

A creation of God

So many, so many

Together they applaud


To think, to think

That He knows each drop

Each petal of rain

He sees from atop


And so are His thoughts

So many, so vast

So are His thoughts

Present, future, past


Eternal is He

And all-knowing too

Knowing all about me

And every detail of you


Omniscient, omnipotent

Incredible indeed

Try to imagine

But I can’t, and I plead


That my thoughts be closer

To Yours in every way

That my words be closer

To Yours in all I say


He knows me so well

And the raindrops too

Dripping and dropping

They sing for Him true


Let us like the multitude

Of raindrops sing

Let us like the raindrops

Proclaim our King

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you see Nature celebrating God’s glory? What do you hear in the raindrops?

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  • KimA

    Beautiful words~
    I might just have to stand in the rain next time some comes down.

    This reminded me of a wonderful entry I read in a book by Kristin Armstrong called happily ever after, walking with peace and courage through a year of divorce. She wrote about a time that she stood in the rain. If I can find it I might post it in here later.

    Yes indeed, he is our King.

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Thank you so much, Kim!

      What a blessing to read your words! I am glad you enjoyed the poem…and that the praise resonates with your heart.

      May God continue to bless you in all things!


  • KimA

    Found it! Day 267 in the devotional~

    Brand-New Me
    I baptize you with water for repentance.
    Matthew 3:11

    As a Catholic, I was baptized as a tiny infant in a traditional manner by a priest. It was an important moment in my spiritual journey, even though I was too young to appreciate it.

    Later, as I came to know Christ more deeply, I had an amazing experience. One day during a very dark period of my life, I was awakened at around 5:00am. I felt a very strong prompting to go outside, so I followed the urge. I walked out onto my back porch in my summer pajamas and was greeted with a soft, steady rain in the early, barely lit glow of dawn.

    I stood there for a moment, sleepy and confused, until I suddenly understood. I got a big smile on my face and stepped out into the rain shower. I raised my hands as the rain coursed over me until I was soaked. It was the Lord, inviting me to my second baptism. This one was an experience of unparalleled significance.

    I was new.

    Kristin Armstrong
    author of happily ever after, daily devotional, walking with peace and courage through a year of divorce

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Beautiful! Thank you, Kim!

      Yes, this passage ties in seamlessly with the poem. Refreshing, inspiring, empowering! All in HIS Name!

      Many blessings to you, sister in Christ!