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Begin where you are…

Begin Where You Are…

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Looking at Jesus

All He is, All He does

I strive to imitate

His grace, His mercy, His love


So far from His perfection

So far from it I stand

So how can I move forward?

And approach the Holy Land?


The Lord reaches my hand

And gently reminds me

“Begin where you are…

From right here, you see”


He knows we are weak

Only dust after all

He knows our frailty

That we are subject to fall


Yet encourage us He does

To walk in His ways

To disentangle us all

From the world’s miry maze


“Move forward,” He says

“And stay by My side

Start from where you are

And in My Love abide”


He is the Compass, the Map

And the Eternal Guide

Each of us must choose

To beside Him daily stride


Praise to my Father

The God who rules the earth

Praise to Him who loved me

Well before my birth


Lead us He will

And meet us where we are

He is the Light to our paths

Our shining Morning Star


Let us take the first step

And many, many more

And walk with our Lord

To heavenly treasures in store

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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