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Smile amidst Trial

Smile Amidst Trial Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Coaching

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Smile amidst Trial



When my heart is heavy,

When the day is gray,

When the clouds hover

On a dark stormy day,


When challenges face,

When trials are near,

When I feel in my heart

A sense of fear,


I call on Your Name,

And to me You run,

Your face more radiant

Than the midday sun.


You lift me up,

You hold me tenderly,

You remind I am Yours

For all eternity,


“What have you to worry,

My child, My friend?

 Remember My love for you

Has no end.”


“It matters not

If it does rain or shine,

You are always in My care

Perfect and divine.”


“So let Me wipe your tears,

Let me hold you near,

To My heart forever

I hold you dear.”


“No challenge, no storm,

Can stop My love for you;

I love you always,

Know this to be true.”


And as You say this,

I feel my heart smile,

Yes, I can feel pure joy

Even amidst trial.


For You are with me,

Never will You leave,

So I need not ever worry,

I need not ever grieve.


When the trials come,

I am closer to Your heart,

For You cling to me tighter

So that we never part.


Yes, my heart will be light

Even when the day is gray,

For I am with You, Jesus,

I rejoice in Your way.


© 2013 Caroline Gavin

How has Jesus allowed you to smile amidst trial?

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SON Rise

SON Rise


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Sun rising,

The dawn of a new day –

Rays dance on the horizon,

“Rejoice,” they say.


For this is the day

The Lord God has made.

Yes, this is the day;

Hide not in the shade!


Yea, rejoice in the Light,

Rejoice in sunrays,

Rejoice in the Son-shine:

Sky-fire ablaze.


The Eternal One:

He is bright and pure.

A consuming fire,

Aflame forevermore.


Embrace me, O Lord,

With warmth of Light.

Guide me, O Master,

Through day and night.


Refine me by fire,

Cleanse me by flame,

Fill me with Your desire –

Our wills, the same.


Grant that I, like You,

Shine brilliant, bright.

Grant that I, for You,

Share Your Light.


What is sweeter than that?

What is finer to do?

Than to live for the Lord,

Than to shine for You?


Shine then may I ever

For Your glory alone.

I live no longer for me,

My life is not my own.


For the Son Himself,

The Light on High,

Shed His blood for me –

For me He did die.


A glorious truth,

Warming my heart:

My Savior loves me,

We shall never part.


I delight then

To offer Him all I am;

I rejoice then

To surrender to the Lamb.


I release myself, and

With You, Lord, I unite.

Consumed by Your flame,

Eternal and bright.


O, glory of glories

To live in the Son;

 Joy of joys

To abide in the One.


Shining brighter,

Purer all the more

Each day I shall

For the One I adore.


I rejoice in His light,

I rejoice in Son-rays,

I rejoice in Son-shine:

His heart-flame ablaze.


Yea, shine I shall each day

The Lord God has made.

I shall shine for Jesus,

Hiding not in the shade.


For the Son is risen,

He is the Dawn of each day –

My heart dances with Jesus,

I rejoice in His Way!


© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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Flowers Poem and eCard by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching


Flowers Poem and eCard by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net
Track by Dan

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Everything You are to me, Lord

Yes, Everything indeed

You are my longing and my desire

You richly fill my every need


The Sun You are to me, Lord

The dazzling Light in my days

You warm me with Your brilliance

You embrace me with Son rays


Nourishment You are to me, Lord

You are to me sustaining Bread

I live on every word of Scripture

I hunger for every word You said


My Refreshment You are, Lord

Living Water eternal and pure

Bursting forth from my heart now

Is Your Water forever to endure


My Compass You are, Lord

My Map and my beloved Guide

Lead me, Lord, wherever You please

I will cling always to Your side


My Hope You are, Lord

Your Resurrection makes hope abound

I rejoice in Your Promises

To me Treasures since the day I found


My Joy You are, Lord

My bubbling joy unceasing

Euphoric it is to do Your work

To know my Master I am pleasing


My Love You are, Lord

The Reason my heart sings its song

Take all of me, my Beloved

For it is to You whom I belong


My Meaning You are, Lord

My Purpose, my Passion, my Vision

Fulfillment I find in following You

Breathing every breath for Your Mission


My Friend You are, Lord

My Best Friend, Beloved Brother

To commune with You is pure joy

Sweeter Fellowship not to find in another


My God You are, Lord

Master, Deity and King

Worship You forever I shall

With angels Your praises I sing


My Life You are, Lord

My breath, my heartbeat, my being

You are my very existence

All I know now, all I am seeing

Everything You are to me, Lord

Yes, each and every thing to me

Lord, I offer everything I am to You

I am entirely Yours for eternity

© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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Light of the LORD

Light of the Lord Jesus


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Sunlight streaming

Brilliant and warm

Dancing through trees

While shadows do form


Light and shadow

Darkness and day

Both contrast and divide

In a powerful way


For God is Light

He is radiant and pure

In His brilliant Truth

We can walk secure


In His Light may we be

In His Truth remain

In the warmth of Love

Living never in vain


Let the Son Light warm

Let it pour in your heart

Let its brilliance embrace

That from God you never part


You may walk in valleys

Of shadows of death

You will fear no evil

For Light sustains breath


As shadows are nothing

Forms without light

Shapes without substance

Dark as the night


Fear not then the shadows

Cower not in the trial

Cringe not in the darkness

Light remains all the while


For if Christ is within you

Light lives in your soul

It brings you Life eternal

It uplifts and makes whole


Celebrate then, Christian

Rejoice in the glorious Light

As the sun rises in the east

Praise God for the sight


See His Message in the beams

See His Word in the sunrays

See His Gospel in the sun

As its light speaks of His Ways


And let the Son Light warm

Let it pour in your heart

Let its brilliance embrace

That from God you never part


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How has the Light of the Lord Jesus brightened – and changed – your life?

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