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Guest Post: Ask


Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


Last month in my newsletter I talked about change and how going through change can be a difficult task for some and a not so difficult task for others. One reason it may have been easier for others is because they sought help in trying to accomplish whatever the task was at hand. Any task becomes more difficult when we try to do it ourselves instead of seeking the help of others when we need it. It is important to decide which tasks we need help with, and those we can handle on our own.

It is important to remember that there will be times in each of our lives when we must seek the help of others in order to get things done. When we do, it is always important to remember that we can always come to the Lord when we need help as we are read in John 14:14 “ You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it”. There is no reason to feel as though we have no help when we come to the Lord in faith. We just have to ask in good faith.

We can also take comfort in what is written in Philippians 4:13 which reads “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”. How great is that? He will not only help us if we come to Him in faith, but he will also give us the strength to do it as well!

Our Lord is there to help us any time we need help, we just have to ask in good faith. He will never be too busy or unavailable, just ask.

November Reflection: I can come to the Lord when I am in need.