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Poem: Source of my Song

Source of my Song

Source of my Song

Image courtesy Luigi Diamanti at www.freedigitalphotos.net


“Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!” (Psalm 105:2)


You ask me, my friend,

The source of my song…

How can I sing

All the day long?


How can my eyes

Sparkle so bright?

How come like day

Shines every night?


How can my joy

Be constant and true?

How can this happiness

Each day renew?


The answer, dear friend,

Is one very clear:

Happy I am

Because Jesus is near.


He is the sun

Of my night and day,

He is the light

On my pathway.


He is the song

In my heart playing,

He is the inspiration

For all I am saying.


He is the joy

Pure and complete,

Making each day

Beautifully sweet.


So, my friend,

I ask you now,

Into your heart

Our Jesus allow.


Let Him also

In your life reign,

For then good things

You will gain.


You will find joy

Both constant and true;

You feel happiness

Each day to renew.


Surely your eyes

Will sparkle so bright;

Like the noonday

Will shine your night.


Yes, you and I

Will sing all day long,

As Our Lord Jesus

Is the Source of our song!


© COPYRIGHT 2014 Caroline Gavin

How do you celebrate the Source of your song?

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