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How Far Would You Go to Lose Weight?

How Far Would You Go to Lose Weight?

Guest Post by 3D Vitality Health Coach Ann Musico

How far would you go to lose weight?


Image courtesy Ann Musico at www.threedimensionalvitality.com


I know I promised these last several posts of this year would be reminders of basics you may have let slip, but I had to interrupt to share something that has me really frustrated.

I wrote about a similar “diet” fad quite a while ago and frankly it amazes me that it’s still around.  Here’s the article I saw recently. I encounter people asking me about all sorts of diet products. Just recently one asked about a specific product saying they were told that they could “simply take this and do nothing else and they will lose weight.” Yes – and I expect to win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes any day now.  I know losing weight, especially a great deal of weight, takes time and effort. There really is no getting around that.  If you don’t change habits, you might lose the weight, but you will gain it back once you go back to eating your “normal” way.

As for a “magic” pill or potion – I wish I could create one – I would be a millionaire overnight. But I hate to disappoint you.  There is no such thing.  Back to this crazy fad diet. It absolutely boggles my mind that girls (or anyone) would be willing to soak cotton balls in lemon or orange juice and eat them in an effort to lose weight!  People balk and argue with me when I ask them to eliminate grains and starchy carbs for the first 2 weeks of Today’s the Day, but they will happily eat cotton balls??? Really?

What am I missing here? Why would people be willing to eat cotton balls and balk at eating a healthy diet?

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