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I am excited that Lisa Burkhardt Worley will join the show April 10th!

Enjoy her guest post and learn details for the show below.

God-Sized Dreams by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

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Has God ever given you a dream?  Has it been realized yet?  Many times, when God plants a dream in your heart, it takes years before the dream becomes reality.

Noah worked on the ark for ninety-nine years before the rain came.

After Abraham was told by God he’d have a son, over twenty years passed before Sarah gave birth.

Ten years ago, God called me to full-time ministry as a Christian motivational speaker and author.  It was a God-sized dream I wanted to happen immediately but that didn’t occur. There were some prerequisites:  a five-year stretch in seminary, a four-year time of service in my local church and a period of humbling to remove any pride that remained from a nineteen year television career.

We should never doubt God’s ability to make his dreams for us come true. 

There were many times when I wondered if this was God’s vision for my life or my vision.  I had writer’s block on the book I was writing.  Speaking engagements weren’t flooding in. Did I really hear the call right?

However, this past summer, the Lord told me it’s time to take my ministry, Pearls of Promise, outside the church walls. Even though I had another book manuscript almost completed, he told me to put together a devotional book that would include devotions from authors all over the country. The devotional “pearls” would be designed to encourage women and to remind them about how much God loves them. It was a perfect project for my spiritual gifts of “shepherding” and “exhortation.”

This past week, we made our first marketing trip to promote the Pearl of Promise devotional. During one of my quiet times while on the road, I began to reflect on the many doors the Lord opened while there: radio and newspaper interviews, we placed the book in numerous locations, a friend provided us with a place to stay, and at one point, the manager of a Christian bookstore, that provided us with a room to relax and pray, told us to consider their store our home away from home if we ever need a place to meet and relax.  God was providing for us like he provided for the early disciples.

The love God showed us through others was overwhelming and when I realized the dream was now reality, I began to weep and praise God.

If God has given you a dream, don’t give up on it. God-sized dreams take time but they will happen in the Lord’s timing. All you have to do is trust God and do the work the dream requires.




Lisa Burkhardt Worly loves her sisters in Christ and has been called by God to write and speak to women about overcoming the strongholds in their lives. After a difficult childhood, God helped Lisa to overcome her own personal obstacles and has given her a desire to share what she’s learned from her life experiences. Lisa was both a national and local television sports anchor and reporter for 19 years with HBO Sports(Inside the NFL), the Madison Square Garden Network (MSG Sportsdesk), ESPN and the local CBS affiliate in San Antonio (KENS). As a sports reporter, she regularly covered the NFL, NBA and in 1994, spent three and a half weeks reporting from the winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.  Burkhardt Worley, along with Pearls team members Lisa Mick and Catherine Weiskopf, recently co-authored and co-edited the Pearls of Promise devotional, which features 120 devotional “pearls” from 46 different authors from around the country. She has been married to Jeff Worley for 26 years and has two children, Kyle, 23, and Bret, 16. Lisa will share her insights, inspiration and her journey on the show. Lisa will share insight and inspiration on the show at 1:00 p.m. EDT on April 10th.


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