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The Lord’s Comfort

The Lord’s Comfort

In Your arms,

Lord, peacefully I rest,

You comfort tenderly,

Yea, You comfort best.


Surely Your comfort

Is sweet and divine;

How grateful I am

Your comfort is mine.


When the trials emerge,

When the thunder roars,

Still I find in Your arms

My spirit soars.


You embrace me with love,

You kiss me with graces;

Nothing sweeter do I know

Than Your tender embraces.


This comfort of comforts

I share with others too;

Lord, when they see me,

May they also see You.


For I am Your instrument,

Yes, for You alone I live;

I am Your vessel,

All to You, Lord, I give.


When I comfort another,

When I show my love,

I show my adoration

For my King above.


By comforting others

In their trials and pain

I bring glory to You –

In me may You reign.


Use me, my Master,

I kneel before Your throne;

Use me for Your purposes,

My life forever You own.


Express Yourself through me

In the comfort I share;

Show Your love through me,

A love beyond compare.


I delight in knowing

You work through me now;

To do Your will alone,

This, Lord Jesus, I vow.


Love you forever,

Lord, I know I shall;

Your love captivates,

It does my spirit enthrall.


When the trials emerge,

When the thunder roars,

In Your arms, Jesus,

My spirit soars.


Surely Your comfort

Is sweet and divine;

I shall share Your comfort,

For I am fully thine.


And in Your arms,

Lord, I peacefully rest,

So tender You are, Jesus,

Yea, You comfort best.



© 2012 Caroline Gavin

Through what trials has the Lord comforted you?

In what ways does His comfort appear?

How have you comforted otheres with the comfort you receive from Him?

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  • 2jogging

    jamie i had read all about her she is good.the most people in the world will think that she provides only within the person is with you you’re the greastest see yo have god and his faith god lives your dearley and alot.

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Thank you so very much, Jamie!

      I appreciate your wonderful encouragement!

      May God richly – and eternally – bless your heart for HIM!


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