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In You, Lord Jesus



In You, Lord Jesus,

So many gifts I find:

Countless and priceless,

Overwhelming my mind.


In You, my Beloved,

The Father sees me

As He sees You:

Perfect and holy.


In You, my Master,

 Forgiveness I know.

In Your arms

My love does grow.


In You, my Shepherd,

I am led by Wisdom –

Led by Your staff

Through Your Kingdom.


In You, the Lamb,

Your blood does cleanse.

Scarlet were my sins,

White now in their absence.


In You, O Eternal One,

Life everlasting is mine.

Buried in Your heart

Infinite treasures divine.


In You, the I AM,

I find mysteries profound.

The wisdom of Your voice:

How sweet the sound.


In You, my God,

I find awe of Deity.

I fall prostrate in worship

Of the Holy Trinity.


In You, the Christ,

I find passion and power;

Your Holy Spirit fills me

Each moment of each hour.


In You, my Savior,

I find love vast and true.

I see bloodshed on Calvary,

The torment You knew.


In You, my Redeemer,

I find eyes captivating my soul;

But a glance from them

Makes me gloriously whole.


In You, my Brother,

I find both God and Friend;

I find a fellowship wondrous,

One which will never end.


In You, my Jesus,

I find meaning and life;

I delight in giving You myself,

Betrothed I am as Your wife.


In You, my Bridegroom,

I find joy and pure bliss.

Longing for You, my Love,

To embrace and to kiss.


In You, my Master,

Endless mercy I know.

As Your arms embrace,

My love does grow.


In You, my Beloved,

Our Father sees me

As He sees You:

Perfect and holy.


Yes, in You, sweet Jesus,

So many gifts I find:

Countless and priceless,

Overwhelming my mind.


© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    Countless and priceless!! Wonderful Caroline! You have a way of making words linger in the soul. Thanks!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Wow! Thank you, Tom! You certainly have a way of making your comments touch and warm the heart! I appreciate so much your encouragement! God bless you always, cherished brother in Christ! :)