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Trust in You, LORD

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Trust in You, Lord,

Fully trust may I.

Trust in You, Lord,

Yea, to You I cry.


Foolish it is

To trust in my strength;

Foolish to walk

Without You any length.


For through You, Lord,

All things are made.

In You the foundations

Of earth were laid.


My own life,

Yea, my every breath,

Is sustained by You

Until my very death.


Lord Jesus, remind me

That of dust I am formed;

Master, You shaped me,

Enlivened and warmed.


Without You, my Creator,

I am cool dust of earth;

Without You, my King,

I would never know birth.


Yet You, Wonderful You,

The King of all kings,

You gave life to me

As You do all things.


 Joy of joys, my Lord,

To love and serve You.

Glory of glories to follow

Upon Your Way true.


Before You I kneel,

Your servant contrite;

Before You I kneel,

In awe of Your Light.


Without You, my Lord,

I am nothing at all.

Without You I do

Nothing, big or small.


Trust then, yea, trust,

May I always in You.

Trust then, yea, trust,

In all that You do.


Sweet rest I find

When myself I release:

Trusting only in You

I discover Your peace.


For in You, my Lord,

All things are made.

Yea, in You the foundations

Of earth were laid.


Wise and wondrous

To trust in Your strength;

Peaceful to journey

With You each length.


How can I not trust

When all things You know?

How can I not trust

When such love You show?


Yea, trust in You, Lord,

Completely trust You do I.

I trust in You, the One

Who, for me, did die.


© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    Beautiful! In His light we find Him and His ways. May we trust in our Creator! Blessings!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Amen and AMEN! May we trust and de-LIGHT in HIM and HIS Ways!
      God bless you bountifully, cherished brother of mine, all your days!