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Tearful and trembling

How can this be?

The Son of God Himself

Anguished in Gethsemane


Say it is not so

Lord, say it is not true

That nigh unto death

Blood sweats from You


 Calvary is bitter

Horror beyond compare

Yet in the secret garden

You die nearly here


Not from thorns

Nor from being pierced

Not from a Cross

Nor from lashings fierce


My Savior sweet

Prostrate on the ground

You approach death

For deepest grief You found


Sorrow upon sorrow

Pain upon pain

Beloved, You suffer so

That all others would gain


The weight of the world

Is upon Your precious heart

The punishment for all sin

That New Life would start


All transgressions You bear

Lord, this overwhelms my mind

The penalty You embrace

For all of sinful mankind


Drink of this bitter cup

Willing You are to do

Agony and torture

Relentlessly attack You


Tears I shed now

Is Your pain here forgotten?

Have I passed by Gethsemane,

My Lord, far too often?


For suddenly now here

I see what I never did see

Suffering beyond words

Yes, it overtakes me


Calvary is the culmination

Of the suffering You endure

Yet in Gethsemane I find

Darkest grief and love pure


Next to You I am, my Jesus

I want to take Your pain away

Yet You remind You came

That for my sin You could pay


If I can offer any comfort

If there is anything I can do

Lord, please let me help

Please let me comfort You


You look up at me

Through the pain You smile,

“Remember My anguish

When you suffer all the while”


Yes, I promise, my Lord

Your pain lies in my heart deep

A vision of Gethsemane

Always in my mind I shall keep


With joy, my Beloved

My cross I shall carry

If You call me to Gethsemane

Master, I shall never tarry


Your joy I always know

With You I unite in suffering too

Pouring of myself for God

Brings me nigh unto You


For in Gethsemane

The “Olive Press” by name

Even unto death, Your Will

And our Father’s the same


Pressed You were, Master

To exude precious oil

Anointed I am by God

Through Your own turmoil


It is my longing then

To live always for Your glory

Even if pressed like the olive

I shall proclaim Your story


Visit Gethsemane

Lord, I promise oft to do

Witnessing Your pain

All the more I love You


Sorrow upon sorrow

Pain upon pain

Beloved, You suffer so

That I should gain


You, my Savior sweet

Prostrate on the ground

Approaching death

For deepest grief You found


Tearful and trembling

Anguished in Gethsemane

My Master, my Beloved

You suffered all this for me

© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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  • Carole Simone

    Dearest Caroline,
    How you beautifully honor our Blessed Lord’s Agony in the Garden. How terrible was His Pain in the dark, fearful place. To think of all the sins of the world taken upon Himself and being all alone.
    Thank you, dear Caroline, for giving honor to His Agony in the Olive Garden!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Thank you so very much for this beautiful comment!
      Yes, how tremendous His agony…how vast His love!

      Christ – the King of Kings – humbled Himself  to the deepest and darkest of grief, pain and suffering. The more we know His pain,
      the more we feel His love for us.
      May we love Him all the more each moment of each passing day…
      and give ourselves to Him as He gave Himself to us.

      God bless you and your heart for Him always!

  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    Beautiful! How often do we walk by that garden or sleep as the disciples did? LORD strengthen me and remind me to be faithful and to honor Your pain and Your gift! Blessings!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Amen! Yes, Lord Jesus, lead me to the Garden often…
      to honor Your pain, Your gift, Your love!
      May God’s blessings abound to you, cherished brother in Christ!