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Spirit-Filled Poem and eCard by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

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Filled with Your Spirit

May I be filled without measure

Your Spirit within me, Lord

Is my priceless Treasure

Lord, I empty myself

That Your Spirit would me fill

I long to experience You more fully

I desire to submit to Your will


May Your Spirit flow into me

As waters from the sky

May Your Spirit anoint me

A Seal from the Most High


May Your Spirit guide me

Every step of my pathway

May Your Spirit remind me

Of all the Words You say


May Your Spirit move my lips

As I speak to those I meet

May Your Spirit move me:

My writing hands, my walking feet


I lose myself for You, Lord

That entirely Yours I may be

Your voice alone I hear

Your Face alone I see


Humble in heart may I be

An empty vessel fully Thine

A temple of Your Spirit

Your instrument Divine


 My life is nothing to me

If I know not You and Your love

Fill me then with Your Spirit

Descending upon me as a Dove


Oh, glorious life I know

Abundant living I know in You

I live in You, and You in me

I marvel how this is true


In worship, I fall at Your feet

Made of dust only am I

Yet You, the Potter, take me

To redeem and to beautify


A place of honor I hold now

Deserving, no, yet You love me so

You fill me with Yourself

That to all I may Your love show


I rejoice in Your mercy

I sing of Your love sweet

To be exalted high

Is to be at my Master’s feet


Your vessel I am, Lord

Humbled, that Your Spirit may fill

I am entirely Yours, Master

I am an instrument of Your will


Fill me Your Spirit then

Yes, fill me without measure

Your Spirit within me, Lord

Is my priceless Treasure

by Caroline Gavin
If this poem spoke to your heart, your thoughts I would delight in hearing!
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  • Risa Ruse

    Dear Caroline, Spiritual Sister of Mine,

    I have been contemplating and writing all week the inspiration involving “surrender” and having read your wonderful, uplifting poem right now is like icing on a heavenly cake!  Thank you always for filling up my soul when it gets emptied through fellowship and Christ-like mindfulness.
    Blessings to  you,

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Sweet Risa, Sister of mine in the Divine!

      Blessed and encouraged I am by your comment! Thank you for the inspiration you share, and I am grateful that you find inspiration here. Yes, when we empty ourselves for Him, we are filled. Paradoxical – yet perfectly true!

      Abundant blessings always to you!

  • Thomas Capuson

    WOOO WHOOOO! Yes LORD! May Your Holy Ghost Fill Me and Control Me! Rain on me LORD! Reign on me LORD! AMEN! Sweet Caroline This is a HOLY Spiritual Expression of Love to Our CREATOR! I Feel the Movement of Your Pen as the Words Breathe to GOD Crying Out from me as I reREAD them as my Own Request! AMEN! Blessings Dear Sister & TY <3