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Flowers Poem and eCard by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

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Lilliam by Tom Curtis

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Gentle flowers
Leaning toward the sun
Longing for light
Bowing before the One
Towering trees
Arms stretched high
Hailing the King
Embracing Him nigh
Singing sparrows
In symphony soar
Proclaiming His Majesty
Each day all the more
Leaves of Spring
Budding and green
Bursting with rebirth
The Unseen in the seen
Waves of the ocean
Splashing on the shore
Rhythmic tides certain
For God’s ways are sure
Glorious rainbow
Colorful prism above
Reflecting God’s beauty
Splendor of His love
Grains of soft sand
Countless and vast
Bespeak God’s eternity
The First and Last
Shimmering stars
Compasses of night
For in the darkness
Our Guide is God’s Light  
Brilliant sun star
Around which revolves earth
For God is man’s Center
And in Him is rebirth
Galaxy immense
No mind can comprehend
Yet greater is God’s love
For His Son He did send
Creatures tiny
Living on earth and in sea
Too small for our sight
Yet all the more so are we
For compared to God
Nothing is man
Yet He loves us so
And created His Plan
For though we are dust
Mists and vapors fleeting
Our Creator died for us
Endured death and beating
Creation proclaims Him
Nature bespeaks the King
So glorious is our God
Sweet Life He does bring
So sing, my soul, with Nature
With the trees and the sparrow
Surrender all to my Lord
Walking upon His Way narrow
And rejoice, my heart, in Him
Embrace His undying love
I am nothing – yet beloved
By my eternal Father above
With the gentle flowers
I lean toward the Son
I long for His Light
I bow before the One
With towering trees
My arms stretch high
I hail my King
Embracing Him nigh
I sing with sparrows
Who in symphony soar
We proclaim His Majesty
Each day all the more
My Creator, my Beloved
I follow forever Your call
For although I am nothing
You are Everything and All
by Caroline Gavin
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