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The Honor of Humility



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Humility: soft and gentle
Lowly, kind and meek
Exalting God and others
Never one’s own to seek
Humility: lovely and true 
“Grounded” and “of the earth”
Such defines “humilis”
Sweet ingredient for rebirth
Humility: cloak of saints
Beautiful robe of white
Humility comes before honor
Virtue precious in God’s sight
Humble may my heart be
Meek, gentle and kind
Filled with Your Holy Spirit
Fully transformed in mind
Humble may my words be
Lifting God and others
Glorifying my Father
Blessings sisters and brothers
Humble may my actions be
In them God’s work display
Letting go of myself
To fully embrace God’s Way
Wisdom comes with humility
Pride is followed by disgrace
Embrace the humility flower
Blooming of fragrant grace
Our Lord, our God, our Creator
Humble more than anyone is He
Sacrificing Himself as the Lamb
That free of sin we may be
Sweet Savior, Precious Master
King of kings, yet humble too
My heart is humbled by Your love
Lord, I long to be one with You
A humble heart make for me
Cleanse with humility pure
Cloak me in radiant meekness
All things for You may I endure
For I live no longer for myself
I give my everything, my all, to You
Lowly may my heart ever be
Ever faithful, ever gracious, ever true
For You, Lord Jesus Christ, are my All
You, my dearly Beloved, define my life
Pure and humble I then don myself
With Your Church, Your betrothed Wife
May I be then humble and gentle
May I be lowly, kind and meek
May I exalt God and others
Never my own to seek
I vow to be lovely and true
“Grounded” and “of the earth”
I vow to embrace “humilis”
Sweet ingredient for rebirth
And I rejoice to wear the cloak of saints
Humility: beautiful robe of white
I rejoice in the humble King of all
For I am precious in His sight
© 2012 Caroline Gavin


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